Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hello faces!

Welcome to my blog!

Here I'll be jotting down all of my cake related adventures and hopefully making your mouths water with photos of all sorts of home made treats.

Today I have been busy baking and eatingbaking and eating
The house smells heavenly because the oven has been really giving it some. I have quite bad indigestion, as the child in me couldn't resist trying the 'broken' ones while they were still hot, but I think it has been worth it.

Here are some chocolate chip cookie lollipops

I put the lolly sticks on top of the hearts and then sealed them with a little sausage of dough

For the cookies I used this recipe and bunged in a bag of white chocolate chips.
I had intended to decorate these a little more, but judging by how fast they are flying off the plate, it's looking unikely.

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