Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gelatin Flowers!


I have always shied away from gelatin in cooking because it's a bit weird.  You use it to make things wobbly and I never really understood it. So i suppose I have missed out on making a fair few flans and tarts. BUT I have most certainly made up for lost time by making FLOWERS out of the stuff!  I will apologise now for all the capital letters but the truth is, I just find it all a bit exciting.

The process of making gelatin decorations involves boiling up gelatin and mixing it with food colouring.  Using wire bent into different shapes, you then dip into the gooey gelatin, like you would with bubble mixture and then leave it to set and form a film.

You need a lot of patience to do this as you can be sitting there for AGES trying to get the gelatin to catch onto the wire and not just pop.  Once it has caught, there is a swirling motion needed to spread it all around evenly.

This spray took a number of hours to complete as it takes a long while to make all the individual parts, dip them, dry them, paint them, tape them.  They're quite sturdy and can withstand being dropped but it's reeeally easy to stick your finger through them too. Boo.

You can make all sorts of things using this method.  The mind boggles!


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWWWWWW!!! You really surprise me every day lady!! And can u eat them?? (Does Mau eat them?)

    I'm a gelatine lover BTW... can eat one liter easily :D

  2. well, you COULD eat the coloured bit, but i wouldn't recommend eating the wire! These ones are more for decoration than for the belly :) xxx

  3. :( Shame... I'll eat the wire if I have to