Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sugar flowers

Before i learnt how to make sugar flowers I simply could not fathom how people could make something that was made out of sugar look so incredibly real and beautiful!  I now know that it takes an awful lot of time and patience and an awful lot of tools.  Some of the steps involved in making sugar flowers can literally take hours.  Personally I absolutely love getting stuck into making something, losing track of time.  I've heard several people say that they find projects like this really relaxing and I totally agree.  Once you've spent days following step after step, making petal after petal, gluing, taping, steaming, dusting, breaking, re-making, the end result can be really quite exciting!

Here is a spray I made recently. Yay!


  1. :O

    I have no words...

    I can't agree more about how relaxing it is to get lost when making something... (altough I get tension in my shoulders after a few hours! haha) I do scrapbooking!


  2. wowee!! Your scrapbooking is awesome!! I want to do that now! xxx

  3. We can do one together sometime! (And cakes at the same time) :D