Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Kids Love It!

Recently my lovely Laura came round for a cuppa and brought with her Jak.  Jak is her brother's partner's little boy and she has been babysitting him for the last couple of weeks while he's on sumer holidays.  I must say, if I was Jak's age, 11, I would definitely want to be babysat by Aunty Laura because she's FUN and she's an artist.

Determined to keep his creative juices flowing, we first sat Jak down with pencil and paper and gave him a Kidrobot postcard to copy.  Nice results but he wasn't overly excited by it and wandered off.

A little later Laura and I got the sugar paste out and started making bits and bobs.  In walked Jak.  His eyes widened and from that moment on, he was well and truly engrossed.  Here are some of the things he made:

First was the Evil Eye!

Then came the Purple Pizza!

Fantastic work!!

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