Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jumper cookies

I recently attended the launch party for a wonderful new company called Quality Knitwear.  They sell all sorts of beautiful one-off pieces of knitwear.  I had a great time trying on lovely jumpers and rubbing my face in soft woolly cardi's.

I also had a great time making jumper biscuits for the event!  After trawling the internet for the perfect cutter, I sat by the letterbox waiting for it to arrive. "hurrah!" I shouted.  "Let the baking commence!"

So I opened my Hummingbird Bakery book on the sugar cookies page as I trust them entirely, to come out of the oven golden, crunchy and flat.

I chose icing colours to cater for boys and girls and added little cuffs and collars using a small crimper.

Once I had finished icing, I began setting up my photo shoot for the biscuits.  Suddenly i realised I needed pegs.  It was one of those jobs where you get halfway through and think 'WHY?' because it was just so damn fiddly!! But, I persevered and in the end it looked pretty.

Here they are in action on the big day


  1. Jumper biscuits for the cold of winter!!! Let's throw a Welcome Winter party (not yet of course) and eat 50 of them each of us! :D

  2. Absolutely adorable, bet they tasted good too! Good work Amage! Bet you can't guess who this is x

  3. Ximena, that is a great idea! i can see it now. Little snowball chocolates and snowflake cupcakes. mmm x

    Linz, not a clue who you are ;) x