Monday, 29 November 2010

New born babbers

I was asked to make some cakes for a baby shower for a mummy-to-be who was due to have twins, but since she had them early, the shower got cancelled and they ended up being new baby cakes (sorry if the song is in your head again now)

I had lots of fun making these!  It took me a little while to think of 12 different baby-related things as i wanted to make each cupcake different and I was asked to double some things up, because of there being twins.

I used cutters for the hearts and bunny rabbit and all the rest of the decorations were done by hand.
I started of with these little shoes.  I began with a little fat sausage shape and then slowly pushed a small ball tool into it until I got the little hollow shoe shape.  I did the straps using thin sausages and made indents in them with the end of some scissors.
The pram took a few goes to get rights. I used circle cutters to create the main parts and then added little strips for the handle and down the middle.

I did the roses and balloons in the same way as the ones in the last blog.  Made these ones extra shiny.

To make these little number blocks, I made some little squares and then used a very fine paint brush with some watered down gel dye to paint on the numbers.
The bottles took ages to get right as it was really difficult to hold them gently enough for my fat fingers not to smoosh away all the detail. And as for the rattles...they caused a liiiitle bit of stress but the end result was pretty nice.  Just fiddly.



  1. Amazing. The detail on these is superb! I'll look forward to receiving similar ones when it's my turn ;-) Don't worry, you've got YEARS to practice hehe xxx

  2. I honestly don't know where you take time from to make such beauties!!!

  3. These were the cakes I ordered for my friends baby shower which did go ahead in the end as Mum was out of hospital and didn't want to miss out! The babies are still in the special care baby unit but are doing really well.
    The cakes were beautiful - almost to lovely to eat, but we did mange to devour them!
    They made the perfect centre-piece, and we're admired by all.
    Thanks Amy - you are very talented!

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  5. They were absolutely fantastic and a great centrepiece to my baby shower/new arrivals party. We didn't quite manage to eat them all on the night so shared them with the staff at the special care baby unit where Maxwell and Rufus are currently residing – if we weren't receiving the most amazing care before the cupcakes, then we definitely are now!

    Thank you for ordering them Mellissa and thank you for making them so perfectly Amy.

  6. Thanks so much for all these kind words! x