Wednesday, 5 January 2011

christmas sweetie kebabs

Recently I have gotten a bit interested/obsessed with a few party-planning blogs.  I'm not talking British jelly and ice cream parties, I'm talking extravagant, over the top, excessive, beautiful, American parties. Have a look at some of the absolutely gorgeous spreads over on the Blowout Party Blog  I mean, look at this one:
Have a click on it to see more close ups.

It was here that I stumbled across 'Candy Kabobs', which, translated into English becomes sweetie kebabs. I think i got a few cavities in my teeth by just looking at this incredible site, Sweets Indeed.  It worked out quite expensive to source the ingredients to make anything too crazy so I decided to make some mini christmas trees, using just red and green sweets.

I ordered myself a load of astro belts from Whirly Pop and picked up a bag of Haribo Super Sour Monsters and set to work making these pretty things...




  1. I googled 'haribo sours cake' and amongst all of the photos of the packet of sweets, I found this. What a gem, nicely done!

  2. thank you so much!! Let me know if you make some :)