Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Microphone cupcakes

It was my dad's birthday this week (everyone in my life seems to be having birthdays at the moment).  As he is a singer, I decided to go for some microphone cupcakes.

I treated myself to a teeny microphone mould and used black sugarpaste to make the little things.  When they were dry, I dusted the top with some pearl lustre dust and varnished the bottom half.  These were mega fiddly but looked very cool in the end.

I then used some of that writing icing from the supermarket to lengthen the little wires and swirl them around.

These cupcakes were made with this incredible stuff.

My oh MY is it tasty.  I added a few tablespoons to my usual vanilla cake recipe along with some rolo pieces.  I then cut out the middles of my cupcakes once they were done and piped a generous dollop into the middle of each one.

On top i swirled some vanilla buttercream and sprinkles before adding the microphones.
OH and I printed out little 'happy birthday's and stuck them to cocktails sticks! 

1 comment:

  1. That sounds DELICIOUS!

    Also, that microphone mould can double as a sperm mould when using white icing = well worth the expense.