Monday, 25 October 2010

Boogie Shack Breast Fest Charity Dance!

Recently, our wonderful friends Carla and Paul moved into the flat downstairs.  I love it and I know the cats are glad of each others' company.  It's also very handy to have a couple more cake testers so near by. As far I'm aware, this isn't too much of a burden for them.

Anyway, Carla and Paul are expert swing dancers!  I signed up for lessons during freshers week at uni but never ended up going and now I'm quite jealous of their skills.  Although I am aware of "rock step pump, forward and back", I don't really understand how they relate to my feet. Anyway, their dance crew, Jive Swing put on a monthly Friday social dance called Boogie Shack and this month's event was in aid of Breast Cancer, hence the cheeky name!  I was asked to donate some Yay Cakes! to be used as raffle prizes.

I am told the winners were thrilled with their prizes!

So, I got out the pink dye and came up with a rang of butterflies, boobies, dresses, flowers and bras to go on top of some vanilla cupcakes.  Here are some pics of the final products!

And here are a few snaps taken by Nicky David, photographer for the evening:

Aw, Carla and Paul


  1. OMG I'm ruddy famous! By the way, always happy to test out the cakes, as is the cat it seems xxx

  2. Love the cakes, especially the Bra's. I hope that they raised loads xxxxxx

  3. Que bonitos!!! Oh my god... just looking at them my stomach starts to jump! haha! Aww.. and so pretty... I want more Yay Cakes!

  4. thank you so much for your kind donation, we really appreciated it, maybe we can exchange cakes for Lindy Hop classes in the future.. Trisha Sewell from

  5. You are more than welcome!
    That sounds like a perfect trade! x